VINUS-Is an International Competition that puts together nutrition, health and wine. It includes spirits and its main objectives are to:

  • Promote good quality wines and spirits
  • It is the only competition that relates wine to health and nutrition
  • It proves how healthy wine is for our organism
  • Encourage production and consumption in a responsible way
  • Helps present traditional wines from countries that specialize in their production
  • Makes the technical and scientific level of participants superior
  • Contributes to the general international culture of wines and spirits


    • The competition is open to all wines, special wines, mistelas and wine liquors that follow regulations from their country of origin.
    • All products must indicate their origin and where the grape was harvested.
    • They must be sold in containers or bottles of no more than 1.5 litres.
    • All samples must be presented in tagged or labelled bottles, specifying their origin.
    • All types of liquors and spirits may compete.
  3. MEAD
    • All types of mead may compete.


Start Registration and reception of samples: January

All samples must:

  • Come from a homogeneous batch with a minimum volume of 5 Hl. (500 liters) for wines and 1HL. (100 liters) to spirits
  • Be bottled or packaged in containers less than or equal to 1.5 liters volume.
  • Samples must have a analysis of the certified laboratory of country of origin (or official Institute) for identification. All analyzes should be mentioned without error Alcohol and residual sugar
  • All bottles or containers must have a valid identification tag or that conform to all the laws of their country of origin.
  • Samples that are not yet on the market may have a similar temporary label to an original
  • Wines: 3 (three) bottles of 0.750 lt per sample
  • Liqueurs or spirituous: 2 (two) bottles of 0.750 lt / or 0.500 lt.

Closing Date of registration and reception of samples: July 30

All participants who they want to compete must submit the registration before the July 30

SPIRITS OR LIQUORS may be any product coming from wine or others, such as Pisco, Singani, Ron, Tequila, Limoncellos, specials, etc.

All bottles must be labelled (definite one). This label must follow all regulations from its country of origin.


After several controls and checking that all documents and analytic data is correct all samples are presented to the judges in decreasing order according to their year and to the intensity of their aroma.

The OIV and UIOE sheets will be used with a positive point system of 0-100.


The technical committee will name the judges and members.

Each jury will have par number of judges and one president of commission. There will never be less than five judges.


The committee gives trophies to all samples that received the highest points.

Awards may not be more than one third (30%) of the total of samples competing.

There will no award for the category that has less than three different samples competing. By "different" we refer to them being from different individual participants.

The winners have the right to publish the results of their wine or spirit.


Each participant will be acquainted with the results by mail. This will be the only official document that certifies winners and identifies the product.

Winners of Double Gold Medal and Gold Medal will receive a trophy or medal (VINUS) and a diploma stating the award received and the winners of Silver Medal will receive a diploma stating the award.

Awards will be:

  • Double Gold Medal (95 - 100 points)
  • Gold Medal (90 - 94 points)
  • Silver Medal (87 - 89 points)

Special awards

  • Great International award: given to the best wine in VINUS
  • Best winery or viticulture company: given to the four best wines from one winery or company.
  • Category Champion: for the best wine or spirit of each category (must be more than 15 samples of that country in the contest).
  • Country Champion: for the best wine of a country (must be more than 30 samples of that country in the contest).
  • Best Spirit: given to the best spirit in VINUS

It is available to all winners:

All winners that wish to copy the logo of the award won to use for commercial purposes must refer to it as "Repeal of Reproduction".

It is illegal to copy these logos without a permit.


The technical committee has the right to do an analytical control of the awarded wines and spirits by sending a sample to a laboratory and certify that it complies with all its characteristics. A sample of all winners will be kept during one year for it to be controlled by any organism or if needs validation.

Three months after the competition, all spare samples will be sent to be used for sampling by schools or academies to promote them.

All details written on the entry form make the participant responsible of what is indicated and the technical committee has the right to reach out to any legal organism to prove its authenticity. It will always be tested against the original sample kept by the committee.

If there are any legal disputes with VINUS the only competent court is the one from Mendoza, regardless you nationality.

Only Spanish written documents will be considered official for the competition.