Start Registration and reception of samples: February - REGISTER NOW

All samples must:

  • Come from a homogeneous batch with a minimum volume of 5 Hl. (500 liters) for wines and 1HL. (100 liters) to spirits
  • Be bottled or packaged in containers less than or equal to 1.5 liters volume.
  • Samples must have a analysis of the certified laboratory of country of origin (or official Institute) for identification. All analyzes should be mentioned without error Alcohol and residual sugar
  • All bottles or containers must have a valid identification tag or that conform to all the laws of their country of origin.
  • Samples that are not yet on the market may have a similar temporary label to an original
  • Wines: 3 (three) bottles of 0.750 lt per sample
  • Liqueurs or spirituous: 2 (two) bottles of 0.750 lt / or 0.500 lt.

Closing Date of registration and reception of samples: July 30

All participants who they want to compete must submit the registration before the July 30