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The jury is composed of the most important oenology professionals, sommeliers, sensory analysis, trade, purchasing directors, journalists and other professionals and wine lovers Argentina and other countries, and recognized world experts.


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Ranking Mundial de Vinos

VINUS is rated as Top 20, for the WAWWJ competition, and is the only International Wine and Spirits of this subject is done in the world annually. Award winners receive a significant amount of points for the World Ranking Wine (WRW 17) WAWWJ. Also placed on the stickers award points above 90 therein.

World Ranking Wine


With the presence of Wines of the highest quality in 15 countries, the International Wine and Spirits Competition VINUS 2017 was held, which is classically held in Mendoza in August. 59 jurors participated. The general direction was made by Leonardo Castellani. The Contest was sponsored by INV and the organization of VINAR S.A. and with the collaboration of the Wine Institute and Hotel The Mod.

An Australian Red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon) won the VINUS 2017 Champion award for 99 points (exceptional), while the White wines category was won by a large white Mexican wine of the Chardonnay variety, which obtained an almost unique score in this type of wines worldwide, 96 points.

The best sweet wine was for a Torronts Argentine wine with 96 points, the best sparkling wine was for a Brazilian sparkling wine with 95 points and the best wine distillate was for a Bolivian Singani with 94 points, while the best series of 5 wines remained in hands of the one Argentine winery with an average of 92.63 points.

VINUS 2017, the International Wine and Spirits Competition, held in Mendoza, has ended with the awarding of 159 prizes to wines and spirits from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Spain, France, Italy, Israel, Macedonia, New Zealand and South Africa, on the 15 countries present. The awards represent only 35% of the winning wines present, which speak clearly of the quality of the jury present. There were registered 153 companies of Wines and 6 of Liqueurs.

The highlight was undoubtedly the highest quality of the wines presented by most of the wine companies, who bet on their best wines and their wines or liqueur icons. Others, on the other hand, only presented wines that were too simple or with an inadequate price-quality ratio.

The most awards were in Argentina (78), followed by Brazil (47), Australia (12) and Mexico (7).

The wines were distributed among 58% of local wines-Argentina-, while 42% were wines from 14 different countries.

About VINUS - International Wines & Spirits Competition

Created to raise awareness of the beneficial effects of wine on Nutrition and Health, it has maintained permanently, a great activity allowing the main Argentine and world experts to describe the best wines according to their value for money.

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